Saturday 17 December 2011

All time favourites

I was very tempted to visit the fabric shop but promised myself I would find projects to use up as much of the fabric I already have at home before spending more money. Do you also have to make use of self control like this?
I do have a lot of stash left but get a mental block by looking at the same patterns and colours all the time. And going to the shop is such a treat! I feel like a kid in a sweet shop! However, I must admit there are lots of projects I can do with leftover bits, and this basket is one of them. 
I particularly like it because I made one of these years ago, when I first started to sew and blog. It is really nice and very easy pattern, and the combination of fabrics can be endless!
It is from Pink Penguin, one of my all time favourites. There are lots of other nice tutorials in her blog, and I am wondering which one to do next! 
If you are not familiar with her blog, I recommend you have a look at it for inspiration and prettiness. I can assure you will get hooked to it! 

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ayumills said...

Nicky! Your basket is so beautiful! Your patchwork is just absolutely perfect! Thank you for your kindest words too! You made my day ;)