Saturday 25 April 2009

To do on Saturday

Yesterday I had a long fun day in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Today I will probably just do what this lovely lady is doing....relaxing with a good book.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Our little adventure

Look! Look! Avebury from the air! 
R. had his flying lesson over Easter and I was very brave and joined him. It was absolutely fantastic. So much fun! I thought I would be scared, that it would shake a lot, that it would be cold and, it was quite the opposite! I was really disappointed when we had to go back, like a child that has just got off the fun fair and wants another ride. It was also fun when the licensed pilot took over and put the airplane at an angle to a side going up or down to change direction. It made my stomach go funny and I felt lightheaded, but in a really good way! It was so weird and fun! Can't wait to go on it again!