Wednesday 31 December 2008

Owl, oh, oh

A way back I got a really cool stone owl in the Antique Market. I took some pictures and wondered if anyone could come up with a name for it (you can see the post from back in October if you are interested). I did not have any comments, so the poor owl has still no name. It has given me inspiration for playing around with lino cuts and watercolours. 

I also made some prints, coloured them with watercolours and named them, but the original is still unnamed!  I would very much appreciate your suggestions. (If there is anybody out there reading this blog at all.........)

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike

It is soooo cold these days!  I was a little bit reluctant to cycle into town yesterday since I thought it would be more pleasant to walk, but Richard convinced me. And he was right! It was quicker (of course), and one gets warm with the exercise. I must start using the bicycle again...I am hoping it will also help me lose the weight I have been putting on over Christmas!
Here is a drawing I made a couple of years ago of a bicycle. I haven drawn for aaaages! Maybe another thing to take on again in 2009?

Monday 29 December 2008


Hallo there! 

I am showing off the mittens I knitted recently. I have never been too fond of knitting (but have been of knitted things), the only reason being that I have always been really bad at it and had no patience. But I decided to give it another go (5th maybe?) and finally got round to produce something I like and that I enjoyed making. Don't you just love the colour? 

I like Apples

I finally made the decision of buying an Apple computer, something that I have been thinking for ages! I am at very early stages, finding it a bit tricky to get the most out of it. That is why I bought a book of MacBook for Dummies. I think that some reading, online tutorials and practice will help me become the Mac wizard I hope to be in a few months time!
This book looks very boring from the outside, so I decided to use some of the paper wrap I bought on our October trip to KL. 

I made the finish touch by plastifying it. Much nicer, huh?

Wednesday 17 December 2008


Hallo Everybody! It has been ages since I have posted anything and that is only because I have been too busy reading, shopping and catching up with friends. I haven't been very crafty lately although I have started knitting and much to my surprise I am enjoying it a lot.
Today I am at home with a very sore throat, trying to keep warm and spending much of my time catching up with my RSS feeds.

And just to add a bit of colour to this post here is a photo of a train we took in Switzerland this summer. The hills are alive......