Saturday 20 August 2011


I have never cooked or baked as much before.
Even though this kitchen is very basic it inspires me every week to try new recipes.
I have made this lemon cake before, but never this big. 
They always advice not to open the oven door so that what is backing rises properly. 
And do I listen? Obviously not....look at the dip in the middle - but perfect for holding the hundreds and thousands. 
Still, it is delicious!

Friday 19 August 2011

Treating myself

Life has been very busy lately. 
Lots of interesting things to do at work, but with a deadline. 
At home, more DIY.
I have treated myself to an early birthday present. 
I like the illustrations of Harriet Russell
They make me smile. And I like to smile.
Any plans for this weekend?

Monday 8 August 2011

To like what you see

This is what happens when you don't follow the recipe properly....

Instead of 300 ml of sunflower oil, I put 300 gr! 
I was quite sleepy on Saturday morning when I prepared this mix..... Still, I did put it in the oven to see what happened, and it is not a pretty sight!

But it is not all bad news. I have managed to loose 3 kg thanks to all the exercise from moving boxes, going up and down stairs, painting, gardening, etc during the last month. Don't be fooled though. I am posing quite nicely here, and probably don't look so stylized in real life. But isn't it nice when you look at yourself in a picture and you actually like what you see?