Monday 20 December 2010

Snow in Oxford

It was such a beautiful morning. My way to work was much more fun than usual with camera in hand and eyes ready to find something interesting to take a picture of. I should do it more often!

Sunday 28 November 2010

It always pays to wait

These bottles of ink are pretty in themselves because of the lovely designs on the labels

I like them not only because of the way the look, but because I get excited about all the things I can write and draw with them.

The same goes with this colourful twine. I can't wait to use it on parcels

And now I have to leave....there is this homemade bread waiting for me (well, the dough was made on the bread machine, but my lovely fiancee shaped there is an element of homemade in there)

The lovely thing about all these things on the photos is the expectation, the anticipation, the inner happiness of what there is to come. I sometimes like to stretch the waiting a little bit longer to make those warm feelings last.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Making changes

I bought a diary in Paperchase and decided I didn't like the cover after all. I was inspired by the Muji notebook and so I covered the ugly looking diary with parcel paper. I used some washi tape to ad some colour and finished it off by putting some adhesive plastic on top to protect it. I am happy with the result.

I made this colourful notebook a few months ago. I still haven't used it. Don't know what is for, other than to just be on the table.

I have been looking at lots of blogs on paper stuff and have been enjoying them a lot. I have a few ideas.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Nothing wishi-woshi about washi tape

I have known of washi tape for a while, but it was a ps-mhe kind of thing for me. I have now rediscovered it and think it is so cool! I suddenly appreciate paper stuff, origami, envelope making (which I used to do when little), present wrapping, etc. It is funny how one changes. (Also, years ago I preferred to staple the bottom of my trousers to get close to a needle and look at me now!)

So, I got some of this tape, which not only is great because of its lovely designs, but because it can be used on glass, paper, etc and its low tack means you can take it off if you make a mistake without tearing the paper underneath.

My first project with the tape was to make this rather dull notebook from Muji into something a bit more interesting. Those that know me know how much I like Muji....

And so I put the tapes in rows. And don't you think it is quite an improvement?

Here is a bit more detail. I can think of lots of ideas for using this tape, specially since the time for sending lots of cards and wrapping presents is just round the corner....

Have you done or going to do anything crafty or creative today?

Apple and honey muffins

There is something about this time of the year that makes me want to stay at home and bake. I sometimes follow recipies I know will work, but the other day I tried a new recepie I found on the web.

These muffins a low GI, which is what I was after. I confess I worried they would taste of cardboard because they are wholemeal, that they would be boring and dry. But the ingredients are inexpensive and it was worthwhile giving it a try. They turned out to be very quick to make (bonus!)

The apple bits make the muffins quite moist, and they are perfect for breakfast, or morning or afternoon snack. They were really easy to make, and even R liked them!

So that is another example of how one might be pleasantly surprised trying new things, even if they don't look too convincing at the beginning. So, how about if you come out of your food routine and try a new recipe this week? Being adventurous in the kitchen can be lots of fun and give tremendous rewards - and that is something that my brother knows a lot about!

Saturday 23 October 2010

Yesterday and today

I used to love playing with my Nintendo when I was 12 - 13 years old. I could easily spend a whole weekend doing nothing but making sure that Mario Bros. got as many points as possible.

The game still works, but only when it has batteries in it....

25 years later (ouch! yes, how did that happen?) I still like playing with my Nintendo, although only for a few minutes at a time. Although the new version allows one to play different games on one machine, I cannot help but prefer the aesthetics of the old one.

Have a nice weekend!

Sunday 17 October 2010

Coming back, going back

A couple of people recently commented on the fact that I hadn't posted anything for a long time. I was happy to learn some people actually do read and enjoy my blog. So thanks to my dear fans (ha-ha) for encouraging me by gently kicking my backside. Not only it is a good way for you to know this and that about me, but it helps me get back to using my time in a creative way. Thanks for encouraging me to do so!

The photos here belong to our latest holiday in Spain. The weather was good, the food fabulous, the setting outstanding....what can I say, Spain never disappoints me!

We spent most of our time outdoors, but we did visit a few indoor places. The sun cried for our attention everywhere we went.

And look at the clear water! Perfect for snorkeling!

I now just need to close my eyes, breath deeply and transport myself there. Mallorca, you are beautiful.

Friday 25 June 2010

New discovery

I came across a great blog the other day: Everybody likes sandwiches. The recipes are no fuss, quick to make, varied and delicious. I have only tried this cinnamon apple duch baby so far, but looking through the other recipes makes me want to go to the kitchen and get messy!
Maybe you could try something new this weekend?


I haven't got a garden, and never have. I wouldn't know what to do with one, how to start looking after it. In the meantime, I enjoy outside spaces like this one, which are just so lovely.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Out with the old....

I've had this hideous cushion for years, and although I have never particularly liked it, it has never bothered me....up until the last couple of weeks.
Each time I looked at it ( a few times a day) I kept thinking: oh, you don't fit here....So I had to do something!

And so I used this remaining fabric I got in Ikea a couple of years ago, and a zipper I bought in a charity shop who knows when. I knew it would become useful sometime!

I love to listen to music while I sew, and this time it was Loreena McKennitt's turn. I love this particular song: La Serenissima, and this video is really beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Colourful ink

I don't do any calligraphy these days, but it is so cool to have all these inks!
I can then get into playing with colours any time I want.

I like that the illustrations on each box is quite different from one another. And my favourite colour? It depends on the day!

Sew happy!

So R., being the wonderful man he is got me a little pressie, which is a book I had on my Amazon wish list.

Oh, the photos, oh, the fabrics, oh, the possibilities......

This book is written by a very talented woman, Rashida Coleman-Hale with a blog I would recommend you check out. There is also an interview podcast you can listen to about her and her work in Craftsanity.

What best way to look through a book than with a cup of tea? And yes, I do like it strong....

Easy sewing

I have been sewing a little bit lately.

One of the sewing projects I am now enjoying is making another hot water bottle cover following the pattern from the book Sew, from Kath Kidston. I like making these because they are simple and it has quilting involved, which is easy to do whilst watching telly.

It is a little bizarre to make a hot water bottle cover in summer....but it was an easy way to get into sewing again...and there is no right or wrong here, is there?

Sunday 6 June 2010

Sunday morning walk

Good morning everybody!
Today is a beautiful morning. The sun is not shinning, but the temperature is perfect and what a better way to start the day than going for a walk?

I wouldn't mind living in a house that looked like this fact, I sometimes like to day dream and pretend in my imagination that I actually do live in a house like this one.

Not so much into boats, but a ride on one every so often must be fun. I usually wave to people on boats, and I always get a wave and a smile back. I don't do it if I am on my own though...I would come across as a bit of a lost case.

What do you think they use this shed for? Too nice and pretty for dirty tools, don't you think?

The canal is an interesting place, and I just love to see the flowers in people's gardens, the cute sheds and the little boats waiting to be taken for a ride.
No photos of ducks, but we saw a few, some of them young, and we fed them breakfast with dry bread.
Hope you are having a good weekend!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

A day in the sun

We went to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park a few weeks ago and had a great time pretending to be National Geographic photographers.

I felt like a kid again, being amazed at the way they looked, how they behaved and excited to find what the next animal would be like.

Some of the animals were real posers, and so fun to look at. A great day out!

Next time I should take a sketchbook....

Saturday 15 May 2010

Having a break

Going to Andalucia makes me happy.

It is a magic part of Spain, full of colour and flavour

I can never get tired of walking down the streets of these charming villages

There is art and beauty everywhere

And tradition is respected

A holiday in Andalucia is a massage for my soul