Sunday, 28 November 2010

It always pays to wait

These bottles of ink are pretty in themselves because of the lovely designs on the labels

I like them not only because of the way the look, but because I get excited about all the things I can write and draw with them.

The same goes with this colourful twine. I can't wait to use it on parcels

And now I have to leave....there is this homemade bread waiting for me (well, the dough was made on the bread machine, but my lovely fiancee shaped there is an element of homemade in there)

The lovely thing about all these things on the photos is the expectation, the anticipation, the inner happiness of what there is to come. I sometimes like to stretch the waiting a little bit longer to make those warm feelings last.

1 comment:

shellie said...

love the packaging for the ink and twine...that kind of stuff gets me all the time...