Sunday 19 July 2009

Lazy Sunday

It is raining and windy outside and there is no better feeling than being indoors when it is horrible outside.

This morning I was reading Inside Out magazine, an Australian magazine on interior design that I really enjoy and got inspired by a sentence: La Bonne Vie
I immediately got a view of that sentence in orange, printed and framed. So that is what I did. I am not quite sure if I like to see it in the living room as it is, but I do like the message so I am going to leave it for a few days and lets see how it sits with us.

I have been washing fabrics this weekend. I never used to, but I am worried that the things I am making are not going to last after they have been washed. So far I haven't been too precious of the things I have made, but I am turning into the believe that is best to do a few things, but nicely than lots and of poor quality. At the same time it is true that sometimes is nice just to do lots (even if they are not that great) to let your imagination and creative adrenaline free to explore. Life is just full of contradictions! 

These are for projects that I am working on. Stay tuned!

Friday 17 July 2009

Giveaway winner!

So the winner of the fabric giveaway is Helen, from The Sacred Art of Eating. A wonderful site with lots of yummy recipes and beautiful photos of meals which I highly recommend you visit if you want to treat your eyes and get ideas for a lovely meal. Share your food if possible, since sharing nice things are more enjoyable. Well done Helen! I hope you enjoy the goodies!

Tuesday 14 July 2009

New chairs

I stayed at home today because I am not feeling too well. After sleeping for 10 hours and still feeling exhausted, after breaking one of my favourite mugs, after looking for the coffee in the fridge (??), and other unusual things that happened to me I realised that I was not quite myself today and that I ought to stay at home for my safety and that of others! But I really dislike feeling useless and between naps and breaks I changed the fabric on our living room chairs.
This is how they looked when we first moved in

This is how they looked for months, from winter until today

This is how they look now 

I bought this fabric in the Antique market in October. It is amazing how little changes like this one can make a significant difference. And not much money was needed for redecorating! What a bonus! 


It is healthy to every so often de-clutter. I like it because it frees up space and is very therapeutic. Don't you always feel great when you get rid off those things you don't need any more? It helps de-clutter your mind too.

I have written about 4 de-cluttering projects I have done or plan to do and the reasons why I find they are good to do. 

- Clothes - the thing that gets me is when I see myself in a three year old photograph and I find I am currently wearing that same top. Nothing wrong if you love it and it is in good condition, but I like to change and feel a bit creative with clothes. It makes me feel refreshed to wear new clothes and styles. It is fun!, and you don't always have to spend too much money: try sales for updating your wardrobe with quality modern clothes. Charity shops are great for vintage stuff too.

- Food - What is at the back of your cupboard? I sometimes surprise myself with a bit of horror when I come across a half used pack of pasta I had completely forgotten about, or a can of fruit salad I bought last year. Luckily these things tend to last a long time, but it is good to remind yourself of those things that might need eating soon!

- Fabrics - as you know I am doing a giveaway of fabrics. Nothing wrong with them. In fact, they are all very pretty, but I have used some of them already for other projects, or they are too small, or find them difficult to combine. Better to give them to someone who can make good use of them.

- Subscriptions - I find my taste changes over time and those blogs that I was interested in a year ago are not so "me" anymore. I like to see what other people are doing, there are new blogs all the time with fresh ideas that can be more like what you are into now. 

Other de-cluttering projects can be: magazines (cut out the articles you are really interested in), books (you can sell those you don't want any more on amazon), music (put them on your computer or ipod and get rid of the CD boxes), DVD's, make-up bag and anything else you can think off!
Let me know if you are doing any de-cluttering and how good it makes you feel once you have done it.

The photos are of the Hubbell Trading Post which I visited when I went on a wonderful road trip to Arizona a few years ago. Lovely place if you like ceramics, textiles and basketry. Nothing to do with the post, but I thought it needed some inspiring photos! 
: )

Sunday 12 July 2009

So happy!

I have a new sewing machine!!!!!
It is for grown ups you know, a proper machine, not like the one I had before, which was cheap....and it showed! This one is wonderful, smooth, versatile and quiet. I can't wait to get started with it!
I am so happy!


Yes! It is my first giveaway! I have been going through my fabrics to put a bit of order and get myself ready for a kind of fresh start. Here are a couple of photos of the fabrics ready to go to a good home. There are all sorts of sizes, ranging from the smallest (4 x 8 cm) to the biggest (18 x 55 cm). To enter the draw you just need to leave a comment telling me what it is that you like from my blog and what it is that you would like to see more off. That simple! 

You have time until Thursday 16th July. I will then contact the lucky winner for their address and send it as soon as I can. Good luck and feel free to spread the word!

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Loving the music

I am always looking out for new music to listen to. I was watching Glastenbury on the telly the other night and discovered Little Boots. I am just so loving it! It is uplifting, makes you want to dance and the songs are really catchy.
See what you think of it by watching this video.

Sunday 5 July 2009

Sea and summer

We are trying to figure out where to go on holiday in September. There are many places that come to mind, but I am most inclined to go to Greece or Italy. But where to in those countries, I don't know! I can't wait to be close to the sea again and walk in calm pedestrian streets, eat lots of lovely food and have no timetable or watch to look at.

These are a few photos from when I went to Mallorca a couple of years ago. I would really recommend it as a holiday place as long as you avoid resorts and areas made specifically for tourists. There are so many beautiful places to see that inspiration strikes constantly. It is a good idea to take a sketchbook to write down ideas and make drawings, as well as to use it as a little diary to write down about the things you get up to when you are away. It is lovely to then read back and find those feelings coming back easily.

Is there a wonderful place that you have been to on holiday that you think I should consider as an option for my late summer escape? I would love to hear from you!