Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lazy Sunday

It is raining and windy outside and there is no better feeling than being indoors when it is horrible outside.

This morning I was reading Inside Out magazine, an Australian magazine on interior design that I really enjoy and got inspired by a sentence: La Bonne Vie
I immediately got a view of that sentence in orange, printed and framed. So that is what I did. I am not quite sure if I like to see it in the living room as it is, but I do like the message so I am going to leave it for a few days and lets see how it sits with us.

I have been washing fabrics this weekend. I never used to, but I am worried that the things I am making are not going to last after they have been washed. So far I haven't been too precious of the things I have made, but I am turning into the believe that is best to do a few things, but nicely than lots and of poor quality. At the same time it is true that sometimes is nice just to do lots (even if they are not that great) to let your imagination and creative adrenaline free to explore. Life is just full of contradictions! 

These are for projects that I am working on. Stay tuned!


helen said...

gorgeous gorgeous fabrics, including that on the sofa. where do you shop? I find all the fabric in the shops in Edinburgh deeply uninspiring. Is the internet the only way?

linnea said...

I hope you're having a great Sunday :o) What pretty pieces of fabric... can't wait to see it all come together. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

HappySquirrel said...

Hi Helen, the fabrics on the sofa are from Ikea, and the others I have bought from sellers on Etsy. I find there is more choice over the internet than in shops around me.

helen said...

Happy Squirrel made Miss Hare a very happy bunny this evening (when she needed considerable cheering up) with a lovely package of just-what-the-doctor ordered fabric scraps in perfectly wonderful fabrics. Thank you so much!

Piper+Lily said...

Came across your blog by accident! I think it's great!

I've given you an award! Swing by to collect it!

Piper+Lily said...

Hi, I came across your blog by accident & I think it's great!

I've given you an award! Swing by to collect it!

LenaDesign said...

the ironing is a nightmare though ;) I was ver ambitious at the start and washed all my fabrics right away (after I bought a huge stash) and then of course I had to iron it straight away as well in case the creases settled....

Ann Marie said...

Sometimes you need to take care with what you do so it lasts, and at other times it is nice to just do! The trick is knowing when to do which.

As for the ironing, if you fold it very neatly when you take it out of the dryer, and you pile it up and neglect it a bit, the weight of all the unironed fabric will press the stuff underneath pretty well.
Unfortunately, this does not work so well with shirts as it does with fat quarters.