Sunday 20 December 2009

A bit of inspiration

Thanks for your lovely comments on the quilt. It really cheers me up!
It only measures 67 x 75 cm, just enough to cover my legs, but sometimes that is all I need.

I wanted to share with you a talk I saw in Ted. I hope you are familiar with Ted, because there are a lot of very interesting talks given by very brainy, intelligent, and good humoured people. Just like you and me!
I have been recently been very drawn to Stefan Sagmeister and what he does. You can watch and listen one of his talks here:

I really recommend it, and it is only a 15 min talk, so what is there to lose?
Have a happy Sunday

Saturday 19 December 2009

Keeping warm

I realised I hadn't shown you the quilt I made in November with bits of fabric I had and needed to use (or get rid off). There is all sort of patterns and colours combined, and it might not be your choice of quilt compared to those very well thought through quilts you see online. But what I like about it is that it follows the tradition of using bits of fabric that you have available, rather than designing one. Just for a change.

The fabric on the back is from a duvet cover I bought in a charity shop.

These are my two TV, book reading, lazy sofa moment companions.
Keep warm!

Saturday 12 December 2009

A bit of fun

Hallo Everyone!
Today I am in the YouTube video mode
Check this song out if you want to have a good laugh

And this one is hilarious too!

Have a great weekend

A bit of the music in my life

I am very particular about the music I listen to. I have a very varied taste and will listen to what suits my mood. There is music or groups that I refuse to listen to or make me feel annoied because of who they are.
David Bowie is one of the best composers, singers, showmen ever, and this song is one I love listening to

Johnny Cash is another man who I could listen to for hours and hours

The first record I remember asking for Christmas is Xanadu. I loved the film, I just wanted to be like Olivia Newton John, so beautiful, so perfect!

Happy Saturday!

Monday 7 December 2009

Have a nice time!

If you ever go to Brussels or the not forget to pop into Dille & Kamille.
This is one of the best shops ever. Enter the website and see for yourself, you will have a wonderful time!

A weekend away

Hallo everybody!
I am really a very lucky person.
This weekend was a lot of fun. We spoilt ourselves by going to Bruges, where we walked for many happy hours up and down the cobbled streets, looking at the beautiful chocolate shops and enjoying the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

The market square is full of life and one can warm up with a delicious hot drink

And so much walking gives an appetite...there is always room for another crepe or a waffle!

Bruge by night after a few beers

You always get the odd one, but people tend to be nice and smiley

The chocolates are always very much welcome, specially when they are of so good quality and they are so beautifully presented.

Although there are lots of tourists in Bruges at this time of year, I can highly recommend a long weekend here. It is truly a beautiful place.
Are there any places you would suggest going to? I am always happy to travel and discover new destinations!