Thursday 30 June 2011


Reading, looking at photos, getting ideas.
Endless lists of things to do.
Daydreaming, imagination running wild.
Notebooks to download my brain and remember what needs to be done.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Flower power

We have a garden full of a varied selection of flowers and plants.
My problem? I am clueless in this area. I can identify the basics of the basics, but that is about it.
Need help. Need helpers. 
Should be fun to have friends round this summer doing gardening and enjoying what I can't right now out of ignorance. 
I can provide tools, drinks and food.
And gratitude.


This is the exciting discovery I was talking about a few days ago. 
Laminate wooden floor under the dirty, grim and bland carpet. 
It makes a big difference!
I like the way the light reflects and makes the room brighter.
This place is full of possibilities. 
And I love that.

Saturday 25 June 2011


The only things that were left behind were the lamps.
Yesterday we made an exciting discovery about the house. 
I will tell you soon, : )

Friday 24 June 2011


Our new home is perfect for us. 
There are many things to change, like the kitchen.  
We see this house as a long term project that will evolve most dramatically in the next few months....but it will be in constant change for years!
Before anything, we have to clean, clean and clean. 
So, I'm changing clothes, taking good music with me, and off I go to do a bit more scrubbing. 
Have a happy weekend!


We have been living in this apartment for nearly 4 years and it has been wonderful.
Location, quietness, space. 
We will be moving to our new home in a few weeks.
I will miss the squirrels and the lovely trees outside our window, but that is about it.
Can't wait to move!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Kitchens with charm

There is something special about these kitchens, don't you think?
They are warm, cozy and light. One of the things I really like are larders. The ones that you can walk into, even if it is a little step. I used to go into my grandmother's larder when I was little and came back starving from the beach. I would look in wonder into the shelves and choose something to eat for merienda, or afternoon snack. 
The photos on both ends belong to the home of Robert Graves in Mallorca. The second one from the left was taken in J. Knox Corbett House, Tucson. The third one from the left was taken in the Hubbell Trading Post.
Any chance you are cooking something special or different this weekend? I think I might make apple crumble and flan.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

The hidden beauty

Open garden day in Oxford last Saturday.
 A lovely sunny day until the clouds came by. 
The light was dramatic. 
The flowers outstanding. 
The gardens were at the back of private houses. 
The owners were generous enough to open their doors to strangers in order to raise funds for the First World War Memorial, St. Margaret's Church, Oxford.
I have never had a garden, but I will very soon. 
Aren't these flowers beautiful?

Sunday 12 June 2011

Lazy Sunday

Rainy day today. 
Chilly out there, but cozy indoors. 
Under the duvet until 12.00. 
Watched a recorded program about Captain Scott in the afternoon.
Slept a little siesta. 
Had some tea and M & M's. 
A lazy Sunday.
This does not happen very often.....
Hope yours is as relaxed.