Wednesday 18 May 2011


I came across two great blogs (Kris Atomic and Mani Katz) yesterday where they show amazing photographs of Iceland. It is a place where I have wanted to go for a long time, and looking at the incredible landscape reminds me I still haven't tick that off the list of places to go. There was also a program about Iceland recently on the BBC, so I am wondering whether it is a fashionable place to go now, or whether this is a message from the world telling me to go....

It also made me think of the outstanding geology I encountered when I went to the Petrified Forest in Arizona a few years ago. Here are some photos I took there.

Going to such bizarre places reminds me there is so much to see and so much I don't know about the world I live in. It makes me feel privileged and ignorant at the same time. Where will my next destination be?