Friday 25 September 2009

Bon apetit!

I went to see Julie & Julia the other night and really enjoyed it.
It remind me how much I love good food, and wished I had the patience for cooking the way they do in the film. Maybe a challenge for this winter?
In the meantime, here is what I made today: Apple Crumble, my signature dish (can this be a signature dish?)

I followed my Mum's recepie:
three green apples and a few cloves.
150 gr of flour
75 gr of margarine
75 gr of sugar

Put in a hot oven for around 15 minutes et voila! Bon apetit!

In the kitchen

The kitchen is my favourite place in this house. It is of good size, has lots of light flooding in and it is the place where all the good stuff is.

Believe it or not I crocheted these pot holders without realizing they would match the oven glove we got from Lakeland. Needles to say I was really happy when I saw they looked all quite pretty together.

I love tins and tinned things. For the same unknown reason why I like boxes, pens, notebooks, some people's handwriting and so many other things....

And I love these open shelves we have on one of the walls. It fills the kitchen with colour and life.

Monday 21 September 2009


Oh, I love sushi! The first time I tried it was last year in Kuala Lumpur and it looked like this

I love it so much that I went to a workshop recently to learn how to make it, and this is the result

It is really nice to look back and see that in a year I have gone from knowing nothing about sushi to actually know how to make it. I am really into Japanese food now. I sometimes make bento boxes for lunch to make my meals colourful, healthy and interesting. I am also reading a book called Why do Japanese women do not get old or fat: secrets of my mother's Tokyo kitchen, which is a very interesting read.
Do you like sushi?