Sunday 22 November 2009

A perfect day

I love going to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. I like the building more than the collection, it is of the style of the one in London, but much nicer.

I love this coloured stone floor. It reminds me of a quilt.

And then I went through to the Pitt Rivers Museum, which is an odd place to go

They have all sorts of things in their collection: basketry, reduced heads, ceramics, etc. These are examples of beads used for trading.

The afternoon was also much fun: watching a couple of films (Duplicity and Sunshine Cleaning) and playing
Monopoly, which I hadn't played for many years

A wonderful Saturday
Would love to hear about your weekend, : )

Friday 20 November 2009

My creative space

We went to Ikea a few weekends ago and look! look! this is my wonderful creative space. I have never had such a big table before. I love having lots of space because I am very messy and don't like tidying up all the time.

I like to listen to Craftsanity podcasts while I am working. It is wonderful to get to know about so many different artists, how they started, what they do, how they struggle and deal with it, etc. I wished I knew more creative people to discuss crafty/arty issues. But then, I have your blogs! You always inspire me and make me think about arty stuff. So keep posting!

This is a quilt that I am working on. I have lots of fabric that I want to get rid off, and what better way? Yes, a giveaway is also a good idea, but I already did that a few months ago, so I thought of mixing them together for a quilt. A part of me was doubting about how pretty it would be. Mixing stripes with dots, flowers, and other prints? I thought it might turn really awful, but it is actually looking very nice (for my taste, that is!). I am just glad that I made myself do it even though I had doubts. I so many times restrict myself just because I can't see the project clear right from the beginning. Silly me. I should know better!

Hope you have a good weekend.
I have rented a couple of films and would like to do a fair amount of sewing.
Of course, there is also the washing, ironing, grocery shopping, and other things to do, but who wants to think about that now?!
What about you?
Anything exciting?

Saturday 14 November 2009

Easy going

I am a bit disappointed because today my plan was to go to London to the Country Living Christmas Fair and I am not feeling too well. It is however the perfect excuse to stay in bed when the weather outside is so horrid.

Drinking tea and reading magazines with beautiful photographs whilst I am under the duvet is the best medicine. Having R to look after me is a luxury that I never take for granted.

Although I wished I had the energy to get myself to do some practical crafty projects, I do appreciate having this time to be lazy and do comforting activities. I am hoping I will have a nice soup for lunch, followed by some easy going film. Reading your blogs is also a lovely way to get distracted and inspired.

Hope you have a great crafty weekend. Are you also staying indoors?

Thursday 12 November 2009

Quite natural

What are the ordinary things around you that catch your eye?

I have, for the last few years, made a little collection of photos of textures from nature.
I like how colours are combined, the feel when my hand strokes the surfaces, the randomness and structure. Rocks and trees have been my favourite subject so far, and the last photo is from a petrified tree = perfect combination?

On a sunny day

We like to drive through the countryside, taking roads that we don't know where they will lead us to. I love to discover new places, and this one is such a lovely spot! In Wilton, Berkshire.


Today is rainy and dark we are having to find ways to amuse ourselves

Even at our age it is fun to make bubbles!