Saturday, 14 November 2009

Easy going

I am a bit disappointed because today my plan was to go to London to the Country Living Christmas Fair and I am not feeling too well. It is however the perfect excuse to stay in bed when the weather outside is so horrid.

Drinking tea and reading magazines with beautiful photographs whilst I am under the duvet is the best medicine. Having R to look after me is a luxury that I never take for granted.

Although I wished I had the energy to get myself to do some practical crafty projects, I do appreciate having this time to be lazy and do comforting activities. I am hoping I will have a nice soup for lunch, followed by some easy going film. Reading your blogs is also a lovely way to get distracted and inspired.

Hope you have a great crafty weekend. Are you also staying indoors?

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june at noon said...

Sorry to hear of not feeling well, but the day's activities still sound lovely. Maybe some day, when my kids are older, I will stay in bed all day and love every minute!