Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kitchens with charm

There is something special about these kitchens, don't you think?
They are warm, cozy and light. One of the things I really like are larders. The ones that you can walk into, even if it is a little step. I used to go into my grandmother's larder when I was little and came back starving from the beach. I would look in wonder into the shelves and choose something to eat for merienda, or afternoon snack. 
The photos on both ends belong to the home of Robert Graves in Mallorca. The second one from the left was taken in J. Knox Corbett House, Tucson. The third one from the left was taken in the Hubbell Trading Post.
Any chance you are cooking something special or different this weekend? I think I might make apple crumble and flan.

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