Saturday, 19 December 2009

Keeping warm

I realised I hadn't shown you the quilt I made in November with bits of fabric I had and needed to use (or get rid off). There is all sort of patterns and colours combined, and it might not be your choice of quilt compared to those very well thought through quilts you see online. But what I like about it is that it follows the tradition of using bits of fabric that you have available, rather than designing one. Just for a change.

The fabric on the back is from a duvet cover I bought in a charity shop.

These are my two TV, book reading, lazy sofa moment companions.
Keep warm!


Carina said...

I love it! And I totally agree about the using what fabric you already have approach. :-)

I think I'll have to copy you. After Christmas. ;-)

laputain said...

i think it is absolutely gorgeous! how big is is, altogether?

Bethany said...

That is absolutely lovely! I see some very cute fabrics in there. Great job!