Sunday, 17 October 2010

Coming back, going back

A couple of people recently commented on the fact that I hadn't posted anything for a long time. I was happy to learn some people actually do read and enjoy my blog. So thanks to my dear fans (ha-ha) for encouraging me by gently kicking my backside. Not only it is a good way for you to know this and that about me, but it helps me get back to using my time in a creative way. Thanks for encouraging me to do so!

The photos here belong to our latest holiday in Spain. The weather was good, the food fabulous, the setting outstanding....what can I say, Spain never disappoints me!

We spent most of our time outdoors, but we did visit a few indoor places. The sun cried for our attention everywhere we went.

And look at the clear water! Perfect for snorkeling!

I now just need to close my eyes, breath deeply and transport myself there. Mallorca, you are beautiful.

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