Wednesday 14 December 2011

A happy place

Sewing for me is not only a hobby. It is a kind of therapy. 
A place where I go and enter a meditative state. 
A place where I relax and be happy. : )
Admiring what others have made through blogs and books fills me with inspiration and creates endless thoughts of possibilities and creativity. (Thank you internet!)
Spending time thinking about projects, drawing designs, going to fabric shops, and sewing while listening to the radio fills me with joy. And I enjoy each step of the process.

One of my favourite books is The Crafter's companion. Here, crafters describe why sewing and making things is so significant in their lives. It is comfort reading, filled with beautiful photographs, and it always makes me get up and look through my stash to think what pretty thing I could make. 

Lets face it. We are not always on our best mood, and the darkness of winter and unpleasant whether doesn't always help to keep the spirits jolly all the time. That, combined with lives hurdles can make things a bit up hill at times.

I would be intrigued to know: what hobby or thing do you do to go to a happy place if you need to?

1 comment:

Carina said...

Well, you know where I go and what I do. ;-)

I really like that book too. :-)