Sunday, 4 January 2009

Banana bread

Made Banana bread the other day for the first time to use up some bananas that were starting to look as if they needed eating soon.
The photo shows a nice looking cake, but it turned out quite awful! The inside was not fully cooked even though I followed the oven time recommended. I have to say that banana is good as a fruit, but I am now totally convinced that I do not like it in any other form.
I think I would like to try Ginger bread next.

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Ash said...

Don't give up on banana bread! It takes A LOT of searching to find the right recipe.

Try both of these, or even just one before you completely give up. The addition of sour cream makes if a bit more moiste a delicious. You can do them with or without nuts and they still bake up nicely. iIwill say that the wheat flour in the muffin recipe adds a bit of a "healthy" taste versus a sweet taste. Let me know what you think if you happen to try either.