Thursday, 8 January 2009

To record ideas, drawings, thoughts....

I love notebooks and sketchbooks. 
I have dozens and dozens at home, and no matter how many I have I always find new ones that can be just perfect for "that" specific project. I have started and abandoned many. It always starts with a very intense feeling of carrying out resolutions: start a visual journal, make a drawing a day, for watercolours, as scrapbook, all you can think off! And I start them, but then I lose focus because I get distracted with other projects, or I get a bit tired of it, or can't really see that it works for me. I like the idea, but it all falls through in the process.
I do however have a few notebooks that are currently "active".
The biggest of them I bought in the Tate Modern's shop a couple of years ago. Isn't the cover really nice? I will be using this one for drawing since I will be taking part on the challenge of drawing a minimum of one thing a month. This was proposed by Carina and I think it is a brilliant idea.  Can't wait to get started!
The grey and black one is one I got in Muji, one of my favourite shops. I use it to make lists of things I want to do at home, when I go to the library, to learn about the computer, etc. Otherwise I forget!
The leather one with a mustard colour cover is for quotes and inspirational ideas that I come across in books, magazines or internet. I like to read them when I feel I need to put my mind into some relaxing thinking mode.
The black one is for drawings of things I want to embroider, designs of sewing projects and to try out my handmade stamps.
The last one, which is the very, very colourful one is my latest acquisition, from Paperchase. I use this one as my journal. 
And of course, there are more notebooks kicking around the house for other purposes, but I think this is enough for this post. Congratulations if you have made it up to the last word!
Thanks for reading!

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