Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Write a letter

 We all know the advantages of using the computer for communication, but we have all seemed to forget the charm of writing letters, and even more, of receiving post through the door from a loved one. How nice it is to find the instantly recognisable writing of your dear friend or family member? There is such a wonderful feeling when sitting quietly reading the handwritten lines from that special someone, there is such a connection...  

There is another side to writing letters that is important. There are lots of jobs that rely on this old means of communication. What about the stamp designers, the industry behind those that make the glue for the stamps and envelopes, the post office employees, the stationery shops, the ink makers from the ink that then is used to stamp the date and place where it was sent from, etc? I could write a PhD on the subject, but I will let you pond about it and I hope you get a postcard or a nice writing set and get yourself to writing a few words to someone you care about. Imagine the nice surprise you will give them. I guarantee you will put a smile on their face, and that is always a good thing especially if it is to someone you care about. 

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Di said...

How true - there is nothing better than receiving a real letter or parcel in the post. I try to write to people - even if it is just a postcard but with the rise of the internet it is becoming a dying art!