Sunday, 17 May 2009

Home is where the sofa is

We have been living without a sofa for two years. Two years! How could we? Well, we just never got round to it. Doh!
But we went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago and decided to go ahead. Lovely white, which gets dirty very quickly but looks wonderful for a few weeks. The fabric you see at the back was bought with a different purpose in mind, but once at home we saw it went really well with the dotty cushion (which was made months ago with more Ikea fabric), so we put it at the back to make the whole thing more interesting.

We so love it!

From now on, home is where the sofa is.


Gina said...

Gosh... white... you are very brave! I like the pink blocks you've shown on your last post. Lovely colours!

helen said...

sorry, did you say the big circles fabric was an ikea one too? It's gorgeous and I've never spotted anything I like as much at Ikea. That said they always have fabric I adore hanging round the shop with price tags telling you what a bargain it is and then when you get to the fabric section surprise, surprise, that fabric is LONG gone!

lovely modding of a simple sofa...moves it firmly away from common!