Saturday, 16 May 2009

Decisions, decisions

I have been spending much of the winter reading posts of crafty bloggers and admiring their work. But personally I have not made anything for ages. I am now ready to sew again, and this is where I have started. Finally!

My problem is that I bought loads of little bits of fabric and I have been feeling overwhelmed. What can I do with so much choice and variety? Believe me, it was much easier when I didn't have much to choose from.

As usual I have started sewing without much of a plan in my head, and although I have put something pretty together, I honestly don't know how to carry on. Any ideas? I thought of making a quilt, but I am not sure whether to stick to pinky colours or to add some other, like the blue/green ones above. What are your thoughts on this? I would really appreciate some feedback!

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