Saturday, 28 March 2009

What is your writing like?

Good morning everybody! 
Right since I was a little girl I loved changing my writing. I liked to copy that of my friends and try new types that I saw around. I didn't know why I liked it so much. I just did. I remember someone saying to me that that was because my personality wasn't developed, since writing says so much about the person. Don't know about that. I just like different types of writing and to imagine how it feels to write in one way or another. I am also strangely fussy about what pencil or pen I use for different notes. 
It was nice to discover that I am not odd when coming across like-minded people in the internet. 
This video is all about typography. It is really cool!


Tania said...

Well, obviously I have very real personality issues. With four-ish writing styles, my only rule is to ensure envelopes have loads of curly stuff and border on the illegible (but look great!). Thrillseeker or wot?!

Lovely blog - I just then happened along...

helen said...

my boyfriend's handwriting has never 'settled'. comes out different every time he takes a break to think, if he's not careful. I remember at school, way back when, he got accused of cheating/getting someone else to do his work cos there was a page in his english jotter with too many different hands in it.

Now you come to mention it, he is a joyous typography geek now too ;o)