Saturday, 7 March 2009

I found a little treasure

I got this book on quilting last Saturday in a charity shop. Just for £2.

It is very complete, with patterns of all sorts

If this book had been printed recently it would cost a fortune. It is so good.

The contents of the book are:
1. Planning your quilt
2. How to make your quilt
3. The quilt's design and its parts
4. Patterns and how to use them
5. Borders
6. Quilting
7. Tufting
8. Other uses for quilting
9. Unusual quilts
10. Collecting quilts as a hobby
11. Famous American quilts and how to draft their patterns
12. The story of quilt making

I am not in the right mood right now to start a quilt, but I know there will be one day when I will be really happy to have this book around. I think I fancy taking pictures and making drawings these days. What are you into these days?
Have a good weekend!

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