Friday, 27 March 2009

I miss you Barcelona!

As you can imagine we had a fantastic time in Barcelona. The weather was great and I even got a bit of a tan when we went walking around Montjuic and cycled around Poble Nou, next to the beach.

Marta looked after us all the time. She was absolutely wonderful, as always, and took us to many different places. She has been living there for a long time and knows the coolest places.

And we had to stop to have a nice thick hot chocolate to revive us and give us energy to carry on walking the streets of this city. None of us really wanted to....but we made an effort!

A big, big thank you to you Marta. You made this holiday a really special one. And thanks to your friends and your sister, for contributing to nice memories of our stay.
We can't wait to be back!

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