Saturday, 21 February 2009

Drawing Greek and Roman Sculptures

In order to enter to College I had to take a drawing exam that consisted of drawing a  classic bust with charcoal. I failed because although I had practiced I really did not know how to draw. I spent the summer drawing Greek and Roman busts every morning copying them from an art book. My uncle Manolo (my favourite uncle) is a painter and he would see the drawings at the end of each morning and make comments on what was right and what needed improving. 

I have very fond memories of that time that I spent drawing. It had been an extremely busy year for me. I studied and worked at the same time, I had to get up at 6.30 and sometimes would finish the day at 11.00 at night. Spending part of the summer drawing (and then going to the beach, meeting my cousins, and being spoilt by my family) was a wonderful experience.

Some people say that one should draw from life, but it all depends of what it is that you want from your drawing (and in my case there weren't any Greek or Roman sculptures around...). I needed to learn to observe, to judge proportions, to see light and dark, and to relax. I got everything I needed out of drawing from photos.

I carried on with drawing classes through the academic year and I passed the exams to enter into College. Anyone can learn how to draw! Yes, you too!

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Carina said...

I absolutely agree! Everyone can learn to draw. Hurrah!

Like your drawings, btw. :-)