Sunday, 28 September 2008

Printing by hand

This is my latest purchase! I put my name down for a Fabric Printing course that was meant to start this week, but at the end of last week I was told it was cancelled. I was so disappointed! I had been looking forward to it for a whole month! They told me so late it was impossible to put my name down for any other course (grrrrrrr). So I decided I would learn on my own (ha! I will not accept defeat!) and got a book that would help me along the way. So far I have been playing around making simple rubber stamps to get myself familiar with the cutting tools, the ink and so on. Here is an example of what I have done:

Yes, very simple, but I hope to get good at it and make more complex drawings. As usual I have loads of ideas of things to do with stamping, and one of them is to make this year's Christmas cards. We shall see what the result of this is!


Concha said...

I want this book so bad!

I have the Lotta Jansdotter book on printing and it's also great.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! that book looks great ... look forward to seeing more of your printed fabrics ;)

p.s Sorry for all the posts tonight but I'm loving your blog!!
Sam. x