Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sea and summer

We are trying to figure out where to go on holiday in September. There are many places that come to mind, but I am most inclined to go to Greece or Italy. But where to in those countries, I don't know! I can't wait to be close to the sea again and walk in calm pedestrian streets, eat lots of lovely food and have no timetable or watch to look at.

These are a few photos from when I went to Mallorca a couple of years ago. I would really recommend it as a holiday place as long as you avoid resorts and areas made specifically for tourists. There are so many beautiful places to see that inspiration strikes constantly. It is a good idea to take a sketchbook to write down ideas and make drawings, as well as to use it as a little diary to write down about the things you get up to when you are away. It is lovely to then read back and find those feelings coming back easily.

Is there a wonderful place that you have been to on holiday that you think I should consider as an option for my late summer escape? I would love to hear from you!

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