Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New chairs

I stayed at home today because I am not feeling too well. After sleeping for 10 hours and still feeling exhausted, after breaking one of my favourite mugs, after looking for the coffee in the fridge (??), and other unusual things that happened to me I realised that I was not quite myself today and that I ought to stay at home for my safety and that of others! But I really dislike feeling useless and between naps and breaks I changed the fabric on our living room chairs.
This is how they looked when we first moved in

This is how they looked for months, from winter until today

This is how they look now 

I bought this fabric in the Antique market in October. It is amazing how little changes like this one can make a significant difference. And not much money was needed for redecorating! What a bonus! 


helen said...

i believe some people do keep their coffee in the fridge, to keep it fresh (we get through our coffee so fast it has no chance to go stale!)...so perhaps in someone else's house this would not be such a foreboding sign!

hope you are much improved tomorrow :o)

melissa said...

feel better soon! i love your new chair covers. it's great when you can big improvements to things around the house without too much money or effort!