Sunday, 12 July 2009


Yes! It is my first giveaway! I have been going through my fabrics to put a bit of order and get myself ready for a kind of fresh start. Here are a couple of photos of the fabrics ready to go to a good home. There are all sorts of sizes, ranging from the smallest (4 x 8 cm) to the biggest (18 x 55 cm). To enter the draw you just need to leave a comment telling me what it is that you like from my blog and what it is that you would like to see more off. That simple! 

You have time until Thursday 16th July. I will then contact the lucky winner for their address and send it as soon as I can. Good luck and feel free to spread the word!

1 comment:

helen said...

i like the fact that you don't make everything seem too easy- you talk about the pitfalls along the way, and your fears that projects won't take shape. Some craft bloggers scare me with their tales of whipping up amazing projects in 'only 20 minutes' and I think 'it'll take me that long to find my sewing maching!" (i realise part of being a proper crafter is doing it regularly...i haven't got to that stage yet!)

oooh and the pictures of animals. always a bonus. I used to read quite a scathing political blog; whenever things got too heavy the author with intersperse posts with pictures of TINY baby monkies!