Monday, 27 October 2008

Hello from KL

Hallo there!
I am having a wonderful time in KL, enjoying being outdoors exploring the city and feeling the warmth and sunshine.
Here are a few photos of scenes that have caught my eye. KL is a very different city to those that I am used to, and I am finding myself very comfortable here. Although I am happy with these photos, I have been disappointed with others. I do realise that much of the quality of a photograph is down to the person deciding on the composition and pressing the button, but I am now convinced that I need a new camera to help me obtain the best results. Can't wait to get my new toy! Any suggestions on how to take good photos or suitable cameras are very much welcome...

This street is Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. I came here to check out the textile shops on this street one day that Richard was working. I didn't find anything to my taste, but it was nice to walk up and down this very colourful street.

It is very hot and humid in KL, but all buildings have air conditioning units to keep everyone cool. I sometimes have to go out for a bit of warmth!

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