Sunday, 12 October 2008


Hallo Everybody! I have been a little bit quiet lately only because I was away a few days in Madrid celebrating my brother's 40th birthday. Now I am back at home and trying to catch up with my projects. I am currently working on something that I will post very soon. It has been my biggest project so far (in size and time) and hope to finish it tonight. I am not quite sure if I like long projects...I quite like making things fairly quickly but I must admit that the effort put into long crafty ideas is satisfying too.
I was in a silly mood today: tired, irritable and annoyed in a childish way that I haven't got enough time to do all I would like to do. I would like to have so much more time for my sewing, photographs and blogging. I am sure you crafty bloggers understand! I sometimes imagine those who as well as everything else have children and I say to myself: how on earth do they do it? And that is coming from someone who sometime would like to venture into breeding! Anyway, I thought that a walk and a treat such as a Pain au chocolat would make me feel better so I went out in this lovely sunny autumn day and took the picture you can see above. I love autumn colours. They are my favourite.

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