Thursday, 2 October 2008

Antique Market

I love going to the Antique Market. Never know what it is that I am going to find and what I am going to spend my money on. These curtains have a bit of a story. A month ago or so I saw them and wondered if I should buy them. I carried on walking thinking about it and then saw a girl looking at them who finally bought them leaving me with a sour feeling, realising that maybe I should have just followed my first instinct of buying them. But today I went again and found this extra pair! I knew they had to be mine... I though I could use them to cover the sofa we have at home, but the fabric is just wrong for it. So it will have to wait in the cupboard. I know that suddenly one day I will have that A-ha! moment when I will know what to do with them, so I am quite happy I have them although they haven't got an immediate use. And the hanger is just sweet...

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