Sunday, 25 January 2009

Through the post

I always get excited when I get something I have been waiting for through the post. This parcel came on Friday, and I new I would find an assortment of fabrics inside that I had ordered through Etsy from this lovely shop.
I wanted to stretch the feeling of excitement, so I didn't open the parcel straight away. I took my boots off and put my sleepers on. I made a cup of tea, gave myself a few minutes to unwind from work, and then I was ready to open the parcel! Oh! What a happy moment! All these little bits of fabric, so many colours, so many patterns, so much variety, so many possibilities ahead, so much pleasure for my eyes and my imagination!

Next thing I did was to iron them while watching Project Catwalk. I am so into it that I am going to attempt to make a skirt sometime in the future, when I get a chance to get some fabric.
Oh! Such a wonderful feeling to have lots of inspiring projects in mind!

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