Sunday, 25 January 2009

French acquisitions

I love my sewing box.
R. got it for me this summer in France, when I was only starting to sew and I did not even have a sewing machine. He could tell I was getting into this crafty world quite seriously and made me this lovely present. 
The material and trims I got in another French town. The shop belonged to two young women that seemed to be very good friends. They were really nice to me and you could just tell there was a really good vibe in that place. I spent a lot of time looking, overwhelmed by the colourful threads, buttons, ribbons, patterns, zippers, fabrics for cross stitching, etc. I found it really hard to make up my mind, and spent a little bit more money than what I should have, but hey!  I love looking at these things and being transported to a French summer holiday again. 
It makes me happy. 

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