Sunday, 20 December 2009

A bit of inspiration

Thanks for your lovely comments on the quilt. It really cheers me up!
It only measures 67 x 75 cm, just enough to cover my legs, but sometimes that is all I need.

I wanted to share with you a talk I saw in Ted. I hope you are familiar with Ted, because there are a lot of very interesting talks given by very brainy, intelligent, and good humoured people. Just like you and me!
I have been recently been very drawn to Stefan Sagmeister and what he does. You can watch and listen one of his talks here:

I really recommend it, and it is only a 15 min talk, so what is there to lose?
Have a happy Sunday

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Fipas said...

Fantastic!!! Loved it! I never saw this one and it's very nice!!! Your blog is now on my fav's!