Monday, 21 September 2009


Oh, I love sushi! The first time I tried it was last year in Kuala Lumpur and it looked like this

I love it so much that I went to a workshop recently to learn how to make it, and this is the result

It is really nice to look back and see that in a year I have gone from knowing nothing about sushi to actually know how to make it. I am really into Japanese food now. I sometimes make bento boxes for lunch to make my meals colourful, healthy and interesting. I am also reading a book called Why do Japanese women do not get old or fat: secrets of my mother's Tokyo kitchen, which is a very interesting read.
Do you like sushi?

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life in yonder said...

I looove sushi, and I too make bento boxes for lunch. It is such a good way to eat more vegetables and fruit.