Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Barcelona here I come!

This weekend we are going to Barcelona. Can't wait to see the sun, the architecture, my friend. To enjoy the streets, the food, the scenery. This city is such a treat. It is a city that makes one happy. It ignites creativity, it feels you with energy.

I long for the blue sky, the warmth in my skin, the smell of the sea, of fish, cold beer. Long days, easy going feeling, being outdoors for hours and hours, with shops open till late, with lots of bars, restaurants, cafes... Can you tell by this post how much I miss living there?


Carina said...

Well. I'm not jealous! Not one bit.


Antonio said...

Pues yo si te tengo envidia sana.
Besos. U no hu

life in yonder said...

I hear you. Here it is snowing, and my heart just skipped a beat when seeing those suny photos. I eant to go to Barcelona too!